V Type Rotary Joint

V Type Rotary Joint

Industry: Paper/Pulp

  • Saturated Vapor: Dry bearing that is strong for saturated vapor is adopted.
  • Easy Maintenance: Simple rotary joint structure makes it easy to exchange parts


Water Saturated Vapor Heat Transfer Oil

Operating Specifications

Pressure Max. Speed Temperature
Max. 1.0 MPa150 mim-1Max. 180℃
Max. 145 psi150 rpmMax. 356°F
Max. 10 bar--

Inner Pipe Type

Monoflow Duoflow (Fixed Pipe) Duoflow (Rotating Pipe)

Size & Connection Part Shape

  • Standard size 3/4 ~ 2 1/2
     * Contact us if the size is over standard type.
  • Connection part shape: Screw (RH or LH) or Flange
Horizontal Vertical (Rotating Part is Upper Side) Vertical (Rotating Part is Lower Side)

Installation Dimensions

*Please request catalog to check details of dimensions

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