Oil Skimmers

Oil Skimmer

Industry: Steel, Automobile, Machine Tool, Semiconductor, Rubber/Tire, Shipbuilding, High Function Material, Paper/Pulp, Food, Medicine

Tramp oil can be one reason for the decay of cooling lubricants. Our oil skimmer removes floating tramp oil (lubricating and hydraulic oil) that is mixed together with cooling lubricants (lubricant cutting oil) of the machine tool's coolant tank. The collection of tramp oil is the solution to prevent deterioration and extend the lifespan of cooling lubricants and cutting tools. (Machining center, Turning center, CNC lathe, Milling machine and Multi-Tasking Machine)

Best-Selling Screw-Type Oil Skimmer (SLS Model)

Screw-Type Oil Skimmer (SLS Model)

Wider Range of Applications


Max 0.225 gallons per hour (continuous operation)

Max. 0.026 gallon per hour (continuous operation) is sufficient
since oil usage is only 0.5 to 0.7 gallons /week.

Note: The actual performance may vary from the performance described here depending on use conditions and environment

Advantages of RIX Oil Skimmer

Low Maintenance Cost

Low Maintenance Cost: Standard Belt Oil Skimmer vs. RIX Oil Skimmer

Reduce Waste and Disposal Cost

Oil Skimmer Oil Collection Efficiency Comparison

Space Saving

Space Saving: Standard Belt Oil Skimmer vs. RIX Oil Skimmer

Low Operating Cost

Low Operating Cost: Standard Belt Oil Skimmer vs. RIX Oil Skimmer

Oil Skimmer in Action

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