FRICTTLE - Premium Lubricant

Fricttle Premium Lubricant

Industry: Steel, Automobile, Machine Tool, Semiconductor, Rubber/Tire, Environment, Shipbuilding, High Function Material, Paper/Pulp, Food, Medicine

  • Creates oil film while restructuring metallic surfaces
  • Reduces friction and extends surface life of metal
  • Controls and reduces vibration due to friction

Applications: Chains, Sprockets, Bearings, Gear Boxes, Machine Tools


Strong Lubrication Abilities

FRICTTLE forms a lubricating film: it reduces friction on the contact surfaces and reduces the temperature where the sliding occurs.

Comparison of Wear Using *Timken Test

After a load of 2,000N was applied for 30 seconds on Timken Machine, the amount of wear on bearings was compared (see below).

Measuring the Point That a Load Seizes Using *Timken Test

When operating a Timken tester under friction conditions, the maximum load a lubricant can support without producing damage as a seizure on the friction contact surfaces were compared.

FRICTTLE Premium Lubricant vs Competitor's Oil
FRICTTLE Premium Lubricant: Comparison of Seizure Load of Some Lubricants

You can prolong the service life of a bearing over 10 times when using FRICTTLE.

In comparison to conventional lubricants, seizure does not occur even when more than twice the pressure is applied.


*Timken Test: Method of measuring the load carrying capacity of extreme-pressure lubricants (JIS K2519)

Surface Restructuring Abilities

FRICTTLE provides not only oil film, but also film on metallic surfaces that restructures and sustains the lubrication effect.

Experiment demonstrating surface restructuring abilities:

Surface Restructuring
Secret of the Endurance - Fricttle


FRICTTLE Product Lineup

Liquid Type

FRICTTLE Premium Lubricant Spray

Content: 420 ml

FRICTTLE Premium Lubricant 2L

FRICTTLE 2L small-size
Content: 2L

FRICTTLE Premium Lubricant 4L

FRICTTLE 4L medium-size
Content: 4L

FRICTTLE Premium Lubricant 20L

FRICTTLE 20L large-size​
Content: 20L

List of Properties of Liquid-Type FRICTTLE

Kinetic Viscosity: 40°C (mm2/s)JIS K228370.8615.958.74
100°C (mm2/s)JIS K22838.763.752.52
Viscosity IndexJIS K228395126118
Flash Point (°C)JIS K2265212180120
Pour Point (°C)JIS K2269-12.5-37.5-52.5
Foamability (ml, 24°C)JIS K2518350~0590~440650~310
Surface Tension (mN/m)JIS K224130.727.427.1
ISOT Lacquer RatingJIS K2514-1Deposits (Thick)No DepositsNo Deposits
Shell 4-Ball Test (N)ASTM D27835,0006,3004,000
Shell 4-Ball: WEAR (mm)ASTM D41720.480.430.32


FRICTTLE Grease Spray

FRICTTLE Grease Spray
Content: 420 ml

FRICTTLE Grease Bellows Cartridge

FRICTTLE Grease Bellows Cartridge
Content: 400 g

(Consistency Grade #0, #1, and #2 Available)

FRICTTLE Grease 16 kg Type

FRICTTLE Grease 16 kg Type
Content:16 kg

(Consistency Grade #0, #1, and #2 Available)

List of Properties - Grease-Type FRICTTLE

Test Item Test Method Test Results
AppearanceLight Brown
Density 20℃(g/cm )JIS K22491.0
Consistency Stirred 60 times/25℃JIS K2220 (5.3)287
Dropping point (℃)JIS K2220 (5.4)290<
Copper Corrosion 100℃×24hJIS K2220 (5.5)Passed
Evaporation 99℃×22h (Mass%)JIS K2220 (5.6)0.22
Oil Separation Degree 100℃×24h (Mass%)JIS K2220 (5.7)1.8
Oxidative Stability 99℃×100h MPaJIS K2220 (5.8)0.020
Water Washout Characteristics 79℃×1h (Mass%)JIS K2220 (5.12)1.3
Starting Torque - Torque at Low Temperature -20℃N・cmJIS K2220 (5.14)40.9
Running Torque - Torque at Low Temperature -20℃N・cmJIS K2220 (5.14)6.8
Roll Stability 100℃×24hASTM D1831±0
Roll Stability 150℃×4hASTM D1831+11
Water Content Roll Stability 80℃×24h Water Content 10%ASTM D1831-10
Water Content Roll Stability 80℃×24h Water Content 30%ASTM D1831+12
LNSL - Shell High Speed Four-Ball Friction TestASTM D2596126
WL - Shell High Speed Four-Ball Friction TestASTM D2596500<
LWI - Shell High Speed Four-Ball Friction TestASTM D259692.5
Shell High-Speed Wear TestASTM D25960.37
Base OilMineral Oil
ThickenerCa Sulfonate Complex
40℃ - Base Oil Kinematic Viscosity mm/sJIS K228398.3
100℃ - Base Oil Kinematic Viscosity mm/sJIS K228310.96
Base Oil Pour PointJIS K2269-15
Working Temperature Range (℃)-20~200

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