NB Type Rotary Joint

NB Type Rotary Joint

Industry: Rubber/Tire, High Function Material

  • Easy Maintenance: Maintenance free, no additional oil needed
  • Long Life: This rotary joint is superior to environmental resistance. There is no seal force trouble caused by accumulated contamination in the fluid and water scale on spring part because spring for seal force is not in the fluid.
    • Main Parts: Cu alloy and Stainless steel

*NBH type is applicable for 300℃ (572°F)


Water Saturated Vapor Heat Transfer Oil

Operating Specifications

Pressure Max. Speed Temp.
Max. 1.0 MPa100 mim-1Max. 80℃
Max. 145 psi100 rpmMax. 176°F
Max. 10 bar--

Inner Pipe Type

Monoflow Duoflow (Fixed Pipe) Duoflow (Rotating Pipe)

Size & Connection Part Shape

  • Standard size 3/4 ~ 2 1/2

       *Contact us if the size is over standard type.

  • Connection part shape: Screw (RH or LH) or Flange

Horizontal Vertical (Rotating Part is Upper Side) Vertical(Rotating Part is Lower Side)

Installation Dimensions

*Please request catalog to check details of dimensions

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