ESX20M - L Series Rotary Joint

ESX20M-L/V-L Series Rotary Joint

Industry: Machine Tool

  • Long stroke (max. 8mm)
  • Seal: Heat shrink fit
  • Body: Stainless steel


Fluid Coolant Oil Mist Dry Air
Pressure (MPa)0.5~140.2~1N/A
Pressure (psi)72.5~2,03029~145N/A
Pressure (bar)5~1402~10N/A

Operating Specifications

Specification Flow Rate (Coolant) Max. Speed Max. Temperature Stroke (Axial Movement)
NumberBelow 20 L/minMax. 40,000 min-1Max. 60 ℃Max. 8 mm
NumberBelow 5.28 gal/minMax. 40,000 rpmMax. 140 °FMax. 8 mm

Installation Direction

Horizontal Vertical (Rotating Part is Upper Side) Vertical (Rotating Part is Lower Side

Installation Specification

Rotation Without Fluid Min Flow Rate to Operate Seal (In Case Fluid is Coolant) * Thrust loading to spindle side
Over 10 L/min490N
Over 2.64 gal/min490N


* Thrust loading to spindle side

  1. Thrust loading is directly proportional to fluid pressure.
  2. In case fluid pressure is 7 MPa (1,015 psi, 70 bar).

Outline Drawings and Installation Dimensions

*Please request a catalog to check details of dimensions.

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