EES - 2P03 Series Rotary Joint

EES-2P03 Rotary Joint

Industry: Machine Tool

Operating Specification (First Port)

Fluid Coolant (Oil & Water Soluble) Dry Air & Oil Air Dry Air & Oil Air Oil (VG2~32) Oil (VG2~32)
UseThrough CoolantAir Blow & ActuatorMating DetectionActuatorActuator
Pressure (MPa)7*0.6173.5
Pressure (psi)1,015*871451,015507
Pressure (bar)70*6107035
Max. speed (mim-1 & rpm)8,0008,0004,0004,0004,500

*Mating detection is 0.2MPa (29 psi, 2 bar)

Operating Specifications (Second Port)

Fluid Dry Air & Oil Air
UseAir Blow, Actuator & Mating Detection
Pressure (MPa)0.2
Pressure (psi)29
Pressure (bar)2
Max. speed (mim-1 & rpm)8,000

Installation Direction

Horizontal Vertical (Rotating Part is Upper Side) Vertical (Rotating Part is Lower Side

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Installation Specification

Rotation Without Fluid

Outline Drawings

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